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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I purchase a book or print version of the 'How to Become a Coach' ebook?

We only offer the information in an ebook format as this allows us to update the information as needed and let those who purchased it access the updated copy. This would not be possible with a print book.

2. How often do you update the 'How to Become a Coach' ebook?

Since the original ebook was launched in June 2001, the ebook has been updated 8 times. The latest update was finished in September 2013.

3. How long is the 'How to Become a Coach' ebook? Can I print it on my printer?

The How to Become a Coach ebook and workbook are 90 pages and 37 pages long respectively. The Becoming a Life Coach: 20 of Your Top Questions Answered ebook, which you receive as a bonus, is 25 pages long.

A total of only 75 pages if you print on both sides of the paper. Aside from the cover, the ebook is not heavy on graphics. The resource section and Coach Training Sorter are both available online so you can just click and go to the relevant site(s).

When I purchase large ebooks I either take a CD or DVD with the PDF file to my local Staples store or I email it to them. I have them print it and may ask them for the 'hole-punch' option so I can put the ebook in a binder. Sometimes I'll get the ebook cerlox bound. (They have other options has well.) Make sure you get a quote first!

4. I purchased the ebook a while ago. Can I download the updated version of the ebook?

Those who have purchased a previous edition of the ebook are welcome to download the newest version. Just contact me for the log in information. It would help if you can let me know when (year/month) that you purchased the ebook.

5. Does the ebook and Coach Training Sorter only contain coach training information that pertains to the U.S. or Canada?

No. I have included information on coach training programs from around the world. Since many organizations offer coaching training over the phone, your location doesn't matter. The small business resources provided with the ebook are divided into four geographical areas: U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

6. How many programs are listed in the Coach Training Online Sorter?

We list approximately 190 accredited coach training programs, which offer at least 99 hours of training, in our Coach Training Online Sorter. This also includes programs offered in languages other than English. You can sort the programs by a number of factor including training format, type of coaching, tuition, language of training, who accredited the program etc. Of the programs offered in English, 94 have tuition information.

The data on the non-English programs are often incomplete as the website are not in English and the ebook is geared at English speakers.

7. Where can I purchase the "Becoming a Life Coach: 20 of Your Top Questions Answered" ebook?

You can purchase the "Becoming a Life Coach" ebook in the Amazon Kindle store: | |

8. What is the difference between the "How to Become a Coach" ebook on your site and the "Becoming a Life Coach: 20 of Your Top Questions Answered" ebook sold on Kindle?

The "Becoming a Life Coach" ebook is for people who are curious about coaching and aren't sure if they want to research the profession yet. In essence, it's an intro ebook about the profession of life coaching.

"How to Become a Coach" is designed for people who think coaching might be the right career for them. It's designed to guide your through the research process. This ebook goes into much more depth than the intro ebook. In it you'll find links to studies on how much coaches are actually making; learn about coach training and certification - who offers it, what to look for; legal issues to be aware of; and much more.

9. What questions do you answer in the "Becoming a Life Coach" ebook?

Instead of listing all the questions here, just take a "look inside" the ebook at Amazon Kindle. | |

10. I want to become a parent coach, Christian coach etc. Does your ebook have any resources or guidance related to that type of coaching?

The ebook provides guidance about how to research the profession of coaching, in general, as a potential career. It includes a brief history of coaching, things you need to know about coaching training and certification etc.

11. I noticed that you are from Canada. I live in the U.S. and am wondering if this ebook is geared towards Canadians.

The ebook, as per the answer above, is geared towards anyone who wishes to research the profession of coaching as a potential career.

12. How does email coaching work?

If you purchase the "How to Become a Coach" with email coaching package, we will answer one of your questions within 2 business days. When you order the email coaching option, you will receive an email with instructions on where to send your question and what information to include. If we need more information or clarity before answering, we'll let you know.

13. Does my email coaching session expire?

You must send us your question within 60 days of ordering the package. That gives you some incentive to read the ebook package you just purchased and ask your most pressing question.

14. What type of questions can I ask during in email coaching?

You can ask questions about the profession of coaching and becoming a coach. If we don't know the answer and we don't know who does, we'll let you know and you can submit a different question.

There are some questions we can't answer. For example, we can't tell you if you will be able to build a successful coaching business as we have no way of knowing that.

15. I ordered the ebook but I haven't received it yet. It's been 20 minutes.

As soon as you completed the order, you should have been taken to a page asking you for your name and email. You should then have been taken to a page with a link to the download page. In addition, you should have received an email with the download information within 10 minutes of ordering. If you didn't receive either, just forward me your receipt at If you didn't receive a receipt, contact me and I'll check to see if your payment went through.

Sometimes technological glitches happen.

16. I don't have a credit card. I don't want to pay online. Can I send you a check or money order?

We do not accept checks or money orders.

17. I have a Mac. Is your ebook in a compatible format?

Yes. The ebook is in PDF format which is compatible with Macs and PCs. All you need is the free Adobe Reader.

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